Island Grown Lettering

I just finished working on this hand made lettering piece for an intro to a short film about coffee grown in Maui, Hawaii. We set out to create something connected, wholesome, human, and memorable. I am pumped with what we ended up with and can't wait to see it in action.


With animation in the back of my mind while creating concepts, I wanted to create type that came together to make a whole balance piece. Interacting letterforms and negative space draw your eye from one direction to the next.

The client and I ultimately decided that not only a hand drawn approach, but a written approach would achieve the look we wanted through the animation. We worked through iterations to find the best match in balance in letterforms. I drew uppercase and lowercase letters in variations to see what we liked best. #3 was the winner and I next created vector art files from my scan.

This concept didn't end up getting used, but I still think it's pretty kick-ass. 

Signs of the West

Learning to read and write as a kid was super exciting. I would read aloud every single sign we drove past in the car making my parents nuts. Spewing out the whole name of a business' like "Jim's Auto and Tire Services" and basing a quick decision if the sign was cool or not. It's pretty strange not much has changed to this day. Here are a few signs I discovered on my trip out to Portland. There is a mix of neon and hand painted signs, something I have always been drawn to.