Signs of the West

Learning to read and write as a kid was super exciting. I would read aloud every single sign we drove past in the car making my parents nuts. Spewing out the whole name of a business' like "Jim's Auto and Tire Services" and basing a quick decision if the sign was cool or not. It's pretty strange not much has changed to this day. Here are a few signs I discovered on my trip out to Portland. There is a mix of neon and hand painted signs, something I have always been drawn to. 

United States Decals

I was digging through some old postcards at an antique store and came across these vintage state decals. I fell in love with all the little graphic tricks and bits that were used to create these. Feeling very patriotic lately, 'Merica!

From the illustrations and type to the off registration and cool overlays, there are so many things to enjoy about these. Definitely going to keep looking for more to add to the collection and do a little research on these.