UX, Branding, Packaging, Prototyping

Worrell is a product development firm with a nearly 40 year history of great design. Focusing on health care and consumer products, I got to work on some amazing projects with even better people. The majority of work I did for the company can't be shown because it's either still in production or is under wraps. Here are a selection of projects and graphics I really enjoyed that are out in the wild.

Dario Packaging 

Production Design / Design for Manufacturing 

Dario is an All-in-one blood glucose monitoring system for diabetics on the go. Worrell was tasked with the entire package design, production design and design for manufacturing. 

Production design takes a specific attention to detail that's necessary when handing off files to print vendors. I was able to tap these skills and also learn from others while working on this project. It was vital to mock up concepts and designs at scale and refine until we reached the finalized design. 


UX Process Graphics

Illustration / Graphic Design 

When new clients came to Worrell, we would tailor our skills around their needs and put together our best ideas and methods to solve their problems. To help explain the process and approach that our User Experience team takes we created presentations, icons and infographics. Here are a few of my favorite bits.

Perk Health

Concept Design / User Interface Design

As a User Experience Designer at Worrell, our team was were often tasked with taking existing products and extending them or refining them to be used on new platforms and on new interfaces.  Perk Health had already established themselves on the web and wanted to see how their application my work on mobile. We sketched, wireframed, prototyped and skinned their application for iOS.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Illustration / Graphic Design

To get to know people around the office a little bit better, we started the Worrell Ultimate Frisbee Club and played every Wednesday at Boom Island. The bonding was great and was always a good work out. Check out the view of downtown MPLS from the park.